Welcome to FIRELESS.

With a FIRELESS fire extinguisher you have access to an exclusive club of people who are progressive, innovative and unique in life. They see the importance of fire safety increasing with the increase of electronic equipment in the home. The FIRELESS story offers you the ultimate opportunity to combine your safety with timeless designs. Each design has its own deep meaning and its own unique look. Don't wait too long, because this is the future. Choose a design that suits you and amaze the environment with your forward thinking.

The FIRELESS extinguishers are just as efficient as normal fire extinguishers and ideally suited for private use in and around the house and garden. FIRELESS extinguishers comply with the EC 0029 standard and are technically produced according to the European standard EN 3-8, which applies to this type of fire extinguisher. Just like a normal fire extinguisher, a FIRELESS extinguisher has a shelf life of ten years.

* DISCLAIMER: A fire extinguisher must meet certain requirements. For example, it must be red and have visible instructions for use. A design extinguisher is therefore not a replacement for the red fire extinguisher.

Safety combined with luxurious and timeless designs.